Interaksi Manusia Dengan Komputer pada Mahasiswa Semester IV UDN Magetan

  • Suparno Suparno Universitas Doktor Nugroho Magetan
Keywords: Interaction, Humans, Computers


This study aims to find out how human factors interact with computers and to find out whether there is an influence on humans as users. This research is a qualitative descriptive study with research subjects in the fourth semester of the Informatics Study Program at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Doctor Nugroho Magetan. Data collection techniques using the method of observation, interviews, and documentation. In carrying out research through 3 stages, namely the pre-field stage, the field work stage, and the completion stage. The data validity technique uses credibility testing with triangulation techniques. While for analyzing the data through three stages, namely the stage of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. Based on the above research, it can be concluded that: fourth semester students of Informatics Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Doctor of Nugroho Magetan as user or user (Brainware), software (hardware) and hardware (Hardware) in the field of human and computer interaction are interrelated so how to design, evaluate, and implement an interactive computer system so that it can be used by humans easily. Human and computer interaction is an activity that is often found in everyday life. Of the three aspects, of course we will not be able to separate, because computers will not be able to operate if one of the three aspects does not exist. One of the most important studies in the field of Human and Computer Interaction is the user interface. The user interface is a part of the system that will be controlled by the user, to achieve and implement the functions of a system. It is also considered as the total number of decision forms.


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