Eduscotech 2023-03-30T01:33:05+00:00 Ari Suhartanto Open Journal Systems <p>Eduscotech menerima artikel tentang pendidikan, sains, teknik, teknologi informasi dan ekonomi bisnis. Jurnal peer-review ini dapat menampung dosen peneliti, mahasiswa, dan praktisi di bidang pendidikan, teknologi dan ekonomi untuk menerbitkan karya mereka secara luas</p> Korelasi Antara Panjang Lengan Terhadap Kemampuan Passing Bawah Peserta Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Bola Voli Universitas Doktor Nugroho Magetan Tahun 2022 2023-02-02T03:15:31+00:00 Bayu Purwo Adhi <p>The problem in this research is the skills of students of the Volleyball Student Activity Unit at Nugroho Magetan Doctoral University who are less effective when performing underhand passing. The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between arm length and volleyball underhand passing skills. This study used a correlational method, the subjects were students who took part in the volleyball UKM at Nugroho Magetan Doctoral University in 2019, the population and sample were 25 students. This research instrument uses an anthropometer and bottom passing. Based on the results of the analysis, it was obtained that the correlation coefficient between arm length and underhand passing skills showed an rcount of 3.833 ≥ 1.714 rtable. Meanwhile, the correlation coefficient between arm muscle strength and lower passing skills shows an rcount value of 6.182 &gt; 1.714 rtable. and the correlation coefficient between arm length and underhand passing skills shows a Fcount value of 20.967 &gt; 3.443 Ftable. Because the results of Fcount are greater than F tables, so Ho is rejected, Ha is accepted and there is a significant relationship between arm length and underhand passing skills.</p> 2023-01-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) Tingkat Pemahaman Peserta Didik Kelas VIII Terhadap Permainan Bola Voli Di SMP San Karlos Habi Kecamatan Kangae Kabupaten Sikka Nusa Tenggara Timur Tahun Ajaran 2021/2022 2023-03-30T01:33:05+00:00 Nevitaningrum Nevitaningrum <p>This study aims to determine how high the level of understanding of class VIII students towards the game of volleyball at San Karlos Habi Middle School, Kangae District, Sikka NTT Academic Year 2021/2022. This research is quantitative descriptive. The population in this study were eighth grade students at San Karlos Habi Middle School, Kangae District. Sikka NTT Academic Year 2021/2022. The sample of this research uses Total Sampling technique. This study used the One Shoot technique using a questionnaire/questionnaire. The data analysis technique used is quantitative descriptive. The results of the calculation of the data that has been carried out are in the high category including: a) the indicator is able to mention the basic techniques of playing volleyball, with a very high category of 0 students (0%), high 37 students (74%), while 0 students (0 %), low 10 students (20%) and very low 3 students (6%). b) indicators of being able to translate the basic techniques of playing volleyball, with a very high category of 0 students (0%), high 22 students (44%), medium 15 students (30%), low 13 students (26%) and very low 0 students (0%). c) the indicator combines information from students with the material presented by the PJOK teacher, with a very high category of 0 students (0%), high 21 students (42%), medium 20 students (40%), low 7 students (14%) and very low 2 students (4%). d) basic movement indicators in the basic techniques of volleyball games, with very high categories 0 students (0%), high 23 students (46%), medium 21 students (42%), low 0 students (0%) and very low 6 students (12%). e) indicators explaining the rules and infrastructure in volleyball games, with a very high category of 0 students (0%), high 21 students (42%), medium 24 students (48%), low 0 students (0% ) and very low 5 students (10%).</p> 2023-01-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) Keterampilan Gerak Dasar Shooting Dalam Permainan Sepakbola Siswa Kelas IV Dan V SD Negeri 7 Baosan Kidul Kecamatan Ngrayun Kabupaten Ponorogo 2023-02-02T03:23:02+00:00 Rohmad <p>This research is motivated by Shooting technique is not an easy movement for elementary students. This study aims to determine Shooting Skills in the Game of Students Football Class IV and V SD 7 Baosan Kidul District Ngrayun District Ponorogo. This research is a quantitative descriptive research. The method used is survey method with data retrieval technique by using shooting test instrument. The subjects of this study are all students of grade IV and V of SD Negeri 7 Baosan Kidul, amounting to 33 students. Analytical technique is descriptive statistic by pouring frequency into percentage form.<br>The results of this study indicate that Shooting Skills in the Game of Class and VII Students Football SD Negeri 7 Baosan Kidul is enough with the consideration of most frequencies are in enough category with 12 people or 36.36%. Evaluation of Shooting Skill in the Game of Football of Grade IV and V of SD Negeri 7 Baosan Kidul Sub Ngrayun Sub-Province of Ponorogo which categorized very good 0 people or 0%, either 8 person or 24,24%, enough 12 person or 36,36%, less 8 people 24.24% and less once 5 people or 15.15%.</p> 2023-01-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) Gagasan Membangun Potensi Anak Dalam Pembelajaran Outdoor 2023-02-04T02:39:27+00:00 Heni Purwulan <p><em>The outdoor study method is a learning method that invites students to study outside the classroom by utilizing the environment around the school for learning activities. This method can create an active student learning atmosphere, so it is necessary to choose the right method so that student activity can be raised. There are two reasons why outdoor play is used for learning in PAUD. First, many children's abilities must be developed. Second, busy parents always provide computer games, or watching television, causing children to stay away from playing activities. Outdoor play is a game given to early childhood by playing and learning to introduce nature and using various natural areas in nature so that children can observe natural objects around them and will get a unique experience. Outdoor learning can improve children's endurance, balance and body coordination. As well as various aspects of development such as social emotional, cognitive, and physical.</em></p> 2023-01-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) Pengembangan Latihan Kelincahan Atlet Pemula Menggunakan Shuttlecock Cabang Olahraga Bulutangkis Di Klub Pb Putra Mustika Blora Tahun 2022 2023-02-14T02:48:41+00:00 Hariyo Padmoyo <p>This research is aims to improve the spirit in prcticing bdminton sport using shuttlecock. The subjects of this study were the ebginner athletes aged 7-10 years at PB. Putra Mustika Blora. This typ of research is comprised of potentials and issues of information collection, product design, design validation, design improvements, product trials, trial usage, and mass product manufacturing. The results showed that the development of agility exercise positive impact, this is evident from the end of the research given repeatedly, and the result of research that is the result of quentionnaire likert scale 100%.</p> 2023-01-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) Evaluasi Implementasi Manajemen Mutu Terhadap Hasil Kerja (Studi Kasus : Proyek Pembangunan Irigasi Desa Sambirejo, Jombang) 2023-02-15T05:08:01+00:00 Kusnadi Jarek <p>In the construction Industry, quality management system focused on directing and controlling process to achievement related of quality to meet customer requirements in construction project. Quality management approach describes how quality will be managed during the project that used quality identifying and documentation for direct activities organization that achieving quality of work. This research has focused to the quality management supervision in the Irigasi Desa Sambirejo, Jombang project and it will find out that the construction work has satisfy to the SNI standards. Our methodology are using interviews, observations, and questionnaires that were distributed to 66 experts to processing data. The data obtained is through variable and that measured it, variable X = Independent Variable (Quality Management Ability) and Variable Y= dependent variable (Work Results as measured by QPASS Standards). Other several methods using, Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis and Validity Test.</p> 2023-01-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c)