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The article and any associated published material is distributed under the&nbsp;<a href="" rel="license">Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License</a></p> Pengaruh Latihan Pliometrik Depth Jump dan Jump To Box Terhadap Kekuatan Otot Tungkai Pada Siswa SMK Plus Darus Salam Kota Kediri <p>The purpose of this study was to determine 1) the effect of depth jump plyometrics exercises on leg muscle strength, 2) the effect of jump to box plyometrics exercises on leg muscle strength, and 3) which exercises were better between depth jump pliometrics or jump to box plyometrics. This study uses a quasi-experimental design, with the static group interpretest-posttestdesign research method. The population in this study was 35 students in grade X of Kediri Plus Darussalam Kediri. Sampling in this study using pre-sampling technique where students who take volleyball extracurricular activities at SMK Plus Darus Salam Kediri are used as samples in this study, amounting to 20 people. The results of the calculation of different test between groups using One Way Anova obtained p depth jump group = 0.03 &lt;0.05 which means there is an influence (significant) and p group jump to box = 0.002 &lt;0.05 which means there is an influence (significant). The results show that the two groups p &lt;0.05, which means that Ho is rejected. Jump to box exercises are better than depth jump exercises. This is shown from the results of the hypothesis test (ANOVA) that P jump to box is smaller than P depth jump, namely P jump to box 0.02 while P depth jump 0.03.</p> Galang Sulaksono Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 1 7 Strategi Manajemen Kelas Melalui Pemberian Variasi Penggunaan Lingkungan Sekolah Sebagai Sumber Belajar <p>This research aimed to describe the implementation of classroom management strategy through the provision of variation use school environment as a learning resource, describes the increase in the findings of study students, as well as describing advantages and disadvantages hearts implementation strategy development management class through the provision of variation use school environment as a learning resource students class III SDN Tanjungrejo 03 Madiun academic year 2017/2018. The research is a qualitative descriptive. The data source is a third grade students of SDN 03 Madiun Tanjungrejo 2017/2018 school year totaling 14 students. Data collection techniques used are observation, interview, test and documentation. The data analysis technique used is the data reduction, data display, and conclucion drawing (verification). For the validity of the data using persistence observations and test the credibility of the triangulation of data and time. Results of the study, the first on the application of classroom management strategies through the provision of variation using the school environment as a learning resource can provide a positive impact on the activity and student learning outcomes. Second, improving student learning outcomes of 57,14% with a good all of which were previously only 28,58% of students increased to 85,72% of the students and had no student is predicated enough. Third, the advantage can optimize students activity in learning, increase students critical thinking skills, students are more able to develop learning skills possessed because plunge into the real world, and students gain hands-on experience in learning. While the weakness of teachers should always condition the student to remain favorable, and that many students will be crowded.</p> Devi Anggi Friani Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 8 22 Pengaruh Kompetensi Pegawai Terhadap Kinerja Pegawai Universitas Doktor Nugroho Magetan <p>This research focuses on the performance appraisal of all UDN Magetan employees without exception which is run quantitatively through the process of evaluating soft skill variables using the Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) method based on decision support systems. This research is also carried out with the aim of being a function of maintaining the quality of institutions in the field of human resource management in their operations. The test results show a strong influence of work competence on employee performance. This means that the hypothesis which states that, allegedly the higher the competency of employees, the higher the performance of employees is proven. Based on the results of the assessment using the AHP method, the highest ranking is obtained by employees with the K8 code which has an average value of competence and performance of 0.11954099.</p> Marsini Marsini Ari Suhartanto Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 23 35 Pengembangan Pop Uptelling Storytema Menjelajah Luar Angkasa untuk Meningkatkan Prestasi Belajar Siswa <p>This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the development of learning media pop up telling stories textbooks that are already in class VI Cermo 01 Elementary School, Kare District, Madiun Regency. The development of pop-up telling stories to improve student learning achievement is a type of research and development. The development procedure refers to Borg and Gall until seven stages. The stages include research and information collecting, planning, develop preliminary form of product, preliminary field testing, main product revision, main field testing, and operasional product revision. Data collection instruments using validation sheets, tests, and student questionnaire responses. Data analysis techniques used were paired T-test samples and analysis of student questionnaire responses. Validity test was carried out by three experts. The effectiveness test is carried out with a T test and calculation of student response questionnaires. The results are Pop Up Telling Story learning media is more effective than existing textbooks. The results of the calculation of the pretest and posttest questions with an average of 17 students at SDN Cermo 01 are 83,6 and the results of the questionnaire positive student responses of 90,5%. Thus the Pop Up Telling Story learning media can improve student learning achievement at Cermo 01 Elementary School.</p> Bangkit Joko Widodo Eka Prasetyowati Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 36 44 Pengaruh Metode Barier Jump dan Rope Skipping Terhadap Power Otot Tungkai Peserta UKM Bolavoli UDN Magetan Tahun 2019 <p>This study aims to identify, analyze and test 1) differences in the influence of training methods barier jump and rope skippping to the increased power of leg muscle, 2) differences in effect between the participants of extracurricular volleyball men who have leg muscle power is high and leg muscle power was lower against the increase limb muscle power, 3) the interaction between the method of leg muscle to increase leg muscle power. This research is a quantitative study of the experimental approach by using a 2x2 factor design. Data were analyzed using 2-way ANOVA at significance level of 0.05. The results showed: 1) There is no significant difference between the exercise quarter squat jump and the knee tuck jump to increased leg muscle power. 2) There is a difference between the increase in limb muscle power men's volleyball extracurricular participants who have a high leg muscle strength and leg muscle strength rendah.3) There is no interaction between the practice and leg muscle strength of the leg muscle power. The conclusions of this study: 1) There is no significant difference between the exercise quarter squat jump and the knee tuck jump to increased leg muscle power. 2) There is a difference between the increase in limb muscle power men's volleyball extracurricular participants who have high strength and low strength 3) There is no interaction between the practice and the strength of the leg muscle power.</p> Bayu Purwo Adhi Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 45 51 Pengendalian Kualitas untuk Mengurangi Jumlah Cacat Bahan Baku dan Menaikkan Keuntungan Dengan Metode Quality Control Circle (QCC) pada Pembuatan Tas Kulit di Sentra Kerajinan Kulit Magetan <p>The Quality Control Circle method is applied to determine the improvements that must be made to minimize the number of complaints from craftsmen, improve the quality of raw materials and products produced and increase sales profits. The application of QCC has structured and measurable steps in solving problems based on existing data and facts. Focusing on controlling the quality of raw materials and products produced in making improvements. In the application of the QCC method in LIK Magetan it is known that selecting raw materials used and applying standardization of raw materials can increase the selling price of products by 33.2% from 2018 to 2019. And the tests conducted on 20 respondents found the average results of the 4 aspects of the level of satisfaction of craftsmen who were asked the majority of respondents answered satisfied.</p> Sutarti Sutarti Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 52 62 Analisis Kesalahan Penulisan Aksara Jawa pada Mata Kuliah Bahasa Daerah <p>This study aims to determine errors in writing Javanese scripts for PGSD study program students, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Doctor Nugroho Magetan University. Writing Javanese script is one of the abilities that must be mastered by students. Bearing in mind, Javanese script is part of the Javanese language subject matter which must be taught in elementary schools, especially in Java. However, there are still many obstacles / errors in the Javanese learning process that are many students who are wrong in writing Javanese script. Errors occur because they don't memorize the text, the greeting, the pair, etc. This research is a qualitative research with descriptive analysis. Data collection techniques are test techniques. The data analysis technique used in the study is percentage and descriptive analytic. The data validity technique used is data triangulation. The results of the study are divided into three forms, namely: 1) the form of the literary writing errors of 32.35%; 2) the form of writing errors in the sandhangan script is 66.9%; 3) 21.65% of the forms of pasangani.</p> Sasi Mardikarini Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 63 71 Tindak Penipuan Bisnis Online dalam Kajian Perspektif Hukum Pidana dan Sosiologi Pada Masyarakat Sosial Media <p>This research is a study related to the problem of fraud in ecommerce transactions via Facebook social media both in terms of legal efforts by victims and sociological phenomena formed in what mode is carried out by perpetrators of fraud in e-commerce transactions through Facebook social media by digging into sources respondents 22 nicknames of victims of fraud randomly. The results of the case study in this study found that there are many types of fraud in Ecommerce transactions on Facebook social media. E-commerce fraud does not only occur to buyers, but also occurs to the seller or dropshipper or third parties. Some also occur in new ways such as online social gathering or exchange of goods or barter online. In Indonesia, the development of computer and information technology as well as business development via the internet or e-commerce has not been followed by adequate legal arrangements in the form of legislation that specifically regulates it. The perpetrators previously had to check the track record of the online shop or individual has a good or bad record so as to minimize the occurrence of fraud because it is not supported by a system that guarantees financial security.As victims of fraud in E-commerce transactions on social media Facebook should take steps to take legal action. Because it can reduce the perpetrators of fraud in Ecommerce. In addition to social sanctions, legal sanctions can also provide a deterrent effect for perpetrators of fraud, so the victim should continue to pursue legal efforts without withdrawing the complaint when experiencing the case.</p> Sumartono Sumartono Ari Suhartanto Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 72 84 A Critical Discourse Analysis of The Former President of the Republic of Indonesia (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) reporting of the bombings at JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta in 2009 by using Van Dijk Theory <p>This research aims to find out how ideology and power strategies are used in SBY’s speech on 17th July 2009 in responding to bomb incident happened in JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton Hotel. The qualitative design was used in this research. Critical discourse analysis is choosed in this research. The data were collected through documentation. The data analysis in this research was used the qualitative analysis based on the Critical Discourse Analysis by Teun Van Dijk. The results showed that, based on the analysis of discourse: First, the power strategy of the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s language was to declare that as an President he owned the power to quell public panic. Second, based on ideological strategy, showed that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has a dignity in front of his people. It can be assumed that the results of the ancritical discourse analysis which is done based on Teun Van Dijk theory, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's speech more to the establishment of a positive impression before the people as compared to the President's defense of the terror of the bomb itself.</p> Lilik Purwaningsih Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 85 107 Interaksi Manusia Dengan Komputer pada Mahasiswa Semester IV UDN Magetan <p>This study aims to find out how human factors interact with computers and to find out whether there is an influence on humans as users. This research is a qualitative descriptive study with research subjects in the fourth semester of the Informatics Study Program at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Doctor Nugroho Magetan. Data collection techniques using the method of observation, interviews, and documentation. In carrying out research through 3 stages, namely the pre-field stage, the field work stage, and the completion stage. The data validity technique uses credibility testing with triangulation techniques. While for analyzing the data through three stages, namely the stage of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. Based on the above research, it can be concluded that: fourth semester students of Informatics Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Doctor of Nugroho Magetan as user or user (Brainware), software (hardware) and hardware (Hardware) in the field of human and computer interaction are interrelated so how to design, evaluate, and implement an interactive computer system so that it can be used by humans easily. Human and computer interaction is an activity that is often found in everyday life. Of the three aspects, of course we will not be able to separate, because computers will not be able to operate if one of the three aspects does not exist. One of the most important studies in the field of Human and Computer Interaction is the user interface. The user interface is a part of the system that will be controlled by the user, to achieve and implement the functions of a system. It is also considered as the total number of decision forms.</p> Suparno Suparno Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 108 118 Efektivitas Model Pembelajaran TGT Strategi Smart Numbers Quiz terhadap Kemampuan Representasi <p>This study aims to determine whether the learning model numbers quiz TGT smart strategy to be effective against the ability of the representation. The population in this study were of class VII junior high school 3 Kudus. Obtained by random sampling technique three classes were randomly as the sample is a class VII H as experimental class 1, VII G as the experimental class 2 and VII I as a class control. The data was collected with the test method. Based on the analysis of survey results revealed that 89% of students who were taught using the learning model numbers quiz TGT smart strategy to achieve exhaustiveness study. Of ANAVA test, the average difference between smart strategy learning model number quiz TGT, TGT and expository learning model. From the test results obtained up to sceffe representation ability of learners who are taught by learning model numbers quiz TGT smart strategy is better than being taught by TGT learning model and representation capabilities of learners who are taught by TGT learning model is better than being taught to use expository learning. From the above description it can be concluded that the learning smart numbers quiz TGT strategy to be effective against the ability of the representation high quadrilateral material of class VII junior high school 3 kudus.</p> Eko Pujianto Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 119 128 Tingkat Kesegaran Jasmani Siswa Ekstrakurikuler Sepakbola SDN Teguhan 02 Jiwan <p>This research is to find out the physical fitness level of visitors 10-12 years old SDN Teguhan 02 Jiwan, Madiun. This research is a study that uses a survey method. The subject of this research is the Extracurricular Students of SDN Teguhan 02 Jiwan, with a total of 35 students. Data collection techniques use the TKJI instrument in 2010 for children aged 10-12 years. Data analysis techniques in this study are descriptive statistical analysis with percentages. The results showed 30 students (85.71%) had less physical condition, 4 students (14.28%) had moderate physical condition. It can be concluded that the level of physical fitness in students of SDN Teguhan 02 Jiwan Football Extracurricular is mostly in the less category.</p> R Hariyo Padmoyo Copyright (c) 2019 Eduscotech 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 129 135 PENGEMBANGAN MODEL PEMBELAJARAN MATEMATIKA JAPANESE PROBLEM SOLVING APPROACH DENGAN FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT <p><em>Japanese Problem Solving Approach (JPSA) is a learning approach in Japan that is centered on problem solving. JPSA distinguishes between problems (or assignments given by the teacher) and problematic (or problems obtained by students). The purpose of this approach is not to complete the task but to teach lessons through solving problems. JPSA is one of the many approaches in Japan that developed through Japanese Lesson Study. JPSA has four main components in learning, namely Hatsumon or posing a problem, Kikan - Shido or independent solving, Neriage or comparison and disccusion, and Matome or summary. Formative assessment is an assessment carried out at the end of the learning process that aims to give back and forth in the process so that it can develop the teaching and learning process, evaluation, FGD, revision and implementation phase and dissemination. In this study successfully developed the development of the Japanese-based mathematical learning model problem solving approach equipped with formative assessment: top.</em></p> bangkit joko widodo Copyright (c) 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 136 145 PENGARUH PENGALAMAN, PENDAPATAN, WAKTU, LAMA USAHA TERHADAP REALISASI KUR MIKRO <p><em>MSMEs have become an important part of the economic system in Indonesia. However, As a majority of businesses, they has limited "accessibility" to capital, especially credit from bank institutions.This obstacle makes the government provide credit guarantees through the People's Business Credit (KUR) Micro. The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of credit experience, net income, time period and business </em>experience<em> on the number of realization Micro KUR in agribusiness sector. The research method used is analytical descriptive and purposive sampling. The type of data used is primary data collected from 55 respondents using a questionnaire. The analytical method used is econometric analysis with OLS Multiple Linear Regression models. The conclusion of the research is credit experience, net income, time period, and business experience have a significant effect on the number of realization micro KUR in agribusiness sector. This research is expected to provide input for the government in developing MSMEs so that their accessibility to banks can be optimized.</em></p> reni jasmin Ardiana Indradiartha Copyright (c) 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 1 1 146 163