Sri Purwati Efektivitas Metode Spider Web Diagram untuk Mengidentifikasi Informasi Dalam Teks Eksplanasi

  • Sri Purwati Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 1 Sambit
Keywords: Learning Effectiveness, Spider Web Diagram Method, Identifying Information, Explanatory Text


Of the four language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. Reading skills are most often used by high school students. Reading helps language learners acquire a lot of knowledge actively and critically regarding the ideas in the text. However, it is not easy to read to understand, especially for students of class XI IPS 2 SMAN 1 Sambit. The purpose of the study was to improve Indonesian language learning outcomes in identifying information in explanatory texts using the Spider Web Diagram method. The research design used by the researcher is Classroom Action Research. This research consists of several steps which include planning, action, observation and reflection. This research was conducted in two cycles. The author uses three instruments, namely observations, questionnaires and tests.

Based on the results of the study, the learning outcomes of Indonesian students in class XI IPS 2 at SMAN 1 Sambit, Ponorogo in identifying information in explanatory texts were better after using the Spider Web Diagram method. The test results of students in the first cycle, there were 24 students (85.71%) who scored more than the Minimum Completeness Criteria (KKM) and 4 students (14.29%) were still below the KKM. With an average score of 79.75 in the first cycle. The test results of students in the second cycle, all 28 students (100%) completed all of them or scored more than or equal to the KKM altogether. With an average value of 86.46. This means that there is an increase from cycle 1 to cycle II and means that this research has been successful. Learning with the Spider Web Diagram method requires analytical thinking skills so that teachers should guide students to practice analytical thinking so that optimal results can be obtained.


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