Sistem Operasional Lalu Lintas Dan Angkutan Laut Pada Kantor Otoritas Pelabuhan Utama Makassar

  • Purwantono AMI AIPI Makassar
Keywords: Marine Traffic Operational System, Ocean Transport Operational System


This research aims to determine (1)How is the operational system of sea traffic and transportation at the Makassar main Port Authority Office (2) How is the comparison between theory and practice regarding the operational system of traffic and sea transportation at the main Makassar Port Authority Office?The method used is quantitative method with qualitative data support. Data was collected by Library Research and Field Research like; directobservations techniques, in-depth interviews, and documentation.The data are presented by describing the primary and secondary data obtained during the research.

The results showed that (1) the port administrator plays an important role in support the smooth flow of ship traffic in and out port area in order to carry out loading and unloading both goods as well as animals and passengers. Since the existence of the port authority is very important for the economy and is very supportive of traffic in Makassar Port. Authority is also the most supreme ruler in the port area so that whatever happens in the port area must be report to the Authority as sole person in charge in the port. (2)  By looking at the process of traffic and sea transportation at the main port Makassar, Makassar's main port authority office is very play an important role in the traffic and sea transportation system, so that the traffic and sea freight are perating well. PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero) still has authority over its own assets in the port after the existence of the Port Authority.


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